A Police K9 team is an essential function of a police department. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, the City of San Rafael lost their K9 unit in 2003. The San Rafael Police K9 Association was established in 2013 to bring back this essential function of our community. Through fundraising and support from the City of San Rafael, two police K9 Units have hit the streets.

The San Rafael Police K9 Association needs your support.  Your donations will help us make San Rafael a safer community by maintaining this essential function.

By donating to the San Rafael Police K9 Association, your contribution is 100 percent tax deductible, and your support goes directly to the training and equipment needs of our officers and K9’s.

How a K9 unit will help the San Rafael Police Department and the entire community:

  • Searching for and/or apprehending dangerous criminals

  • Locating missing children and the elderly

  • Providing back-up to an already depleted force

  • Being a bridge between the community by hosting demonstrations at schools and other public events

  • Reducing the availability of narcotics in our community